Ziggurat film started its career since 2001. “Where of this dark night” was a short fiction film written, directed and produced by Ali Shahmohammadi. At that time, Ali Shahmohammadi started to produc as an independent producer. Finally, he got an official certificate for film production from Iranian minister of culture in 2017.

Based on Ziggurat film activities from 2001 till 2017, Ali Shahmohammadi became member of Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds (Khaneh Cinema), Association of Iranian Documentary Producers and Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association. Ziggurat film, has produced 12 feature, mid length and short films (fiction and documentary) since 2001. These film were screened in several international film festivals and got several prizes:

  • Golden Remi Award (Film & video production awards: Cultural) from 43th annual of Houston International Film Festival for “It’s happened in one day” in 2010
  • Silver Remi Award (Film & video production awards: Independent video) from 43th annual Houston International Film Festival for “Tehran, a quite snowy day” in 2010
  • Silver Remi Award (Experimental Film & video awards: Dramatic) from 43th annual Houston Film Festival for “Head wind” in 2010
  • Silver Remi Award (Film &video production awards: Political international issue) from 42th annual Houston International Film Festival for “Children of paradise” in 2009

Now, Ziggurat film has added two activities to its trend:

  • Co-producing with independent producers and international film productions for film production in Iran or abroad.

2-Help facility for film production in Iran.

Producing movie is not difficult in Iran but it follows rules. Each independent producer or international company that wants to produce film in Iran must get all needed certificates from minister of culture and the other organizations. Ziggurat film has official certificate for film production and can propose these facilities:

  • Getting all needed certificates for film production.
  • Renting all needed equipment for professional production stage.
  • Finding location, making contract and renting location.
  • Finding proper cast for each movie and making contract with them based on producers and directors desire.
  • Delivering all needed technical supports for post-production include editing, sound mixing, color correction and etc.
  • Finding and delivering archival footages for producers and directors
  • Getting “Screening certificate” for all movie theaters in Iran.
  • Getting certificate for home video.
  • And all artistic and technical support needed for film production.

For more information, please send an email to info@zigguratfilm.com